Learn how build & skyrocket your dream online business – which can make over 6 to 8 figures, Hey party people I'm DK, Founder of Axell Softs & DKZ



Since from my college days I've been Freelancing on various business operations. such as website development, marketing funnel creation and more on digital marketing.

Generated more leads & sales on various industries. On that note as a being freelancer, I started my own development & marketing company to provide seamless solutions to many businesses. This company is fully based on B2B marketing agency & development cycle system.

Through Axell Softs – Our development & marketing company, we decided to serve more services to our global clients to run their business easily. ( We're doing it happily & successfully )

Also, Using our own company, We decided to build & skyrocket more product based startups based on B2B operations & digital marketing.

⬇️You can check here!
1.DKLY – Powerful URL Shortener & tracker (dkly.me)
2.Norfty – Fomo | Social Proof Notification (norfty.com)
3.Cosplre – B2B NFT Marketplace – 🔜
( Current Project )

Then, I decided to give back to our community. So that, I'm sharing my best knowledge & resources to build online business & digital marketing strategies, So that anyone can build & skyrocket their online business with their passion.

Here, I'm sharing all on!
➡️ www.dkaxell.com/blog

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