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DKLY is powerful URL shortening & tracking system, we provide for online entrepreneurs & savvy marketers who work lot with links & want to track them,  For $99 You can get access to DKLY with enterprise account lifetime access. Use DKLY20 coupon code to get $20 off.


DKLY helps more over 300+ global customers to run their marketing campaigns efficiently. You can also get lifetime access to our DKLY dashboard – Powerful URL Shortening & Tracking System. Get enterprise account for 99$ with lifetime access. ( Apply coupon code DKLY20 to get instant 20$ Off – This offer only valid for limited period )


Here! What DKLY can really help with:

You can able to

  1. Shorten unlimited links, Also you can get unlimited clicks.
  2. See geography, language, and devices count & percentage ratio.
  3. Create unlimited Bio Pages with unlimited links & more integrations.
  4. See where the traffic comes from to your links (i.e. social media referral).
  5. Cloak affiliate links or any other links with custom alias.
  6. Add your custom domain easily for better branding.
  7. Create unlimited QR codes with your own logo.
  8. Add custom splash, CTA & overlay pages for each links.
  9. Add your team members for better collaboration.
  10. See individual links statistics to understand what performing well.
  11. Create dynamic link functions for better targeting such as device, geo-targeting.
  12. Add Facebook, Twitter, Quora Pixels to each links, For better re-targeting.

Requirements: * & Steps to follow

  1. Please make free 7 days trail signup at DKLY ( No credit card or any other payment required )
  2. After that click on ADD TO CART, apply coupon code dkly20 to get 20$ off.
  3. Then proceed to checkout,
  4. Fill your order details and enter your DKLY account email address on Order Notes.
  5. Complete payment, your account we will be processed into an enterprise account within 12 hours

Price Comparison:
Bitly: €28.67 Per Month Limited Account
Rebrandly: €408.69 Per Month Premium Account
t2mio: €72.89 per Per Month Premium Account

DKLY: $99 Enterprise account with unlimited features for Life Time Access! ( Extra 20$ Off  )

And Much more. check the demo using


Have a Question or Want ask something ?
Please if you have any questions, feel free to send a message to [email protected]


*Important Note: When you get this service, you will get an enterprise account with unlimited features and you will not pay anything later while the service is up and running for lifetime.