Omnichannel Brand Accelerator – The Long Terms Growth Package


Elevate your brand’s online presence with our Omnichannel Brand Accelerator. This comprehensive service combines a complete social media package, strategic blogging with organic traffic from 8+ websites, and seamless integration of organic sales channels like Pinterest and Google. Drive engagement, boost organic traffic, and maximize sales with our all-in-one solution.

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Introducing our Omnichannel Brand Accelerator, a powerhouse service designed to transform your brand’s online presence. This comprehensive package seamlessly merges three crucial elements: a complete social media package tailored for ecommerce and dropshipping, strategic blogging with organic traffic generation from 8+ high-authority websites, and the seamless integration of organic sales channels, including Pinterest and Google.

Package 1: Social Booster

  • Complete Social Media Package:
    • Strategic planning and execution for key social media platforms.
    • Regularly scheduled posts and engagement-focused content.
  • Dedicated Account Manager:
    • Access to a dedicated account manager for personalized social media strategy discussions.
  • Pricing: $499/month

Package 2: Blogging Pro

  • Blogging with Organic Traffic:
    • SEO-optimized blog content creation and publishing on 8+ high-authority websites.
    • Backlink building strategy for improved organic traffic.
  • Customized Content Calendar:
    • A tailored content calendar aligning blog posts for a cohesive brand message.
  • Pricing: $499/month

Package 3: Sales Channel Master

  • Organic Sales Channel Integrations:
    • Seamless integration and optimization of organic sales channels like Pinterest and Google.
    • Ongoing maintenance to ensure consistent performance and capitalize on evolving trends.
  • Pinterest Optimization:
    • Leverage Pinterest as a powerful sales channel, optimizing boards and pins for increased conversions.
  • Google Integration and SEO:
    • Integrate your store with Google, ensuring products are visible on the Google Shopping platform.
    • Implement SEO best practices across blogs and product listings.
  • Monthly Progress Reports:
    • Receive detailed monthly reports summarizing sales channel effectiveness and performance.
  • Pricing: $599/month

Package 4: All in One Package:

  • Social Media + Blogging + Organic Sales Channel Optimization for each products
  • Customer Support via social channels and email chat support. ( Optional )
  • Pricing: $999/month

Choose the package that aligns with your specific goals and priorities, whether you’re focused on social media engagement, blog content and backlinks, or maximizing sales channels. Each package is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for different aspects of your online brand presence.


Social Booster, Blogging Pro, Sales Channel Master, All in One Package