Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategy to get highest ROI in every single campaigns. But still we can increase the conversion rate by doing more additional things.

But you may wondering how it’s possible? That’s why in this blog post I’ve shared Email Marketing Best Practices to get best insane results and conversion rate from my own experience.

Hey Guys DK here! As I promised already let’s see email marketing best practices one by one.

1.Do Not Spam – Ever

You may wondering what metrics considered as a spam, Writing crappy subject line, over colored email template, unnecessary images, etc…

But also including sending spam emails, Without user subscribing to your email list sending sales & marketing emails. This may end-up with spam folder rather than inbox.

Also, Your email service provider can ban for such activities. To avoid spam look you can,

  • Write better hooked subject line
  • Include unsubscribe link in footer area
  • Use better images
  • Send cold emails ( Well personalized – Super targeted emails )
  • Include your address on footer section
  • Use custom domain or business email

By doing these best practices you can avoid ending up with spam folder or getting banned.

2.Read it louder

When you done with your email newsletter or anything else want to send to your audience, Always read it louder for yourself to understand and find out more errors or uncommon words.

If you find any errors change it and keep reading, once you done. Check the text & sentence alignment, see images are not overlapping.

Reading louder will help you to find more errors, and it ‘ll help you to align the text, So that you can send a proper email to your audience which converts more.

3.Use a Double Opt-in

Sharing email address is common now a days, But did you spend more time on validating your email list, If you use double opt-in function you don’t have to validate your email address.

What is double opt-in?

It’s a process to validate and confirm the email address from your audience. After subscribing for your email list, Your audience will get an email to confirm their subscription, If they click on confirmation link their email address will be added to your list.

By using double opt-in you will get clean email list and you’ll get highest open rates for your every email campaigns because, If people takes effort to join your list they might be interested in your content.

Always try to use double opt-in in your all email subscription forms.

5.Improve CTR

While you design and write an email campaign always keep in mind, Your ultimate goal is increasing open rate or click through rate.

CTR – Click Through Rate

The more click through rate you have, You’ll get more clicks on your CTA links. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, Just read below example.

i.e: Person A is writing better email subject link with hooked words & person B is writing a small, not interesting subject line (Which is boring), Now think about it which person email will have more clicks & open?

Yes you guessed right! Person A will have highest CTR comparing to person B.

With this you can also, consider preview text improvement for your each email marketing campaigns, Which gives curiosity to your readers.

6.Make Sure It Has Responsiveness

People are so busy, They may check everything on the go, So it is possible to buy on the go.

Here, We need to add more focus to mobile readers & buyers. You may designing and writing emails from your computer or laptop.

But, You also need to make sure does your email has responsiveness for all devices (PC, Tablet, Mobile).

Before sending an email to your audience, Send it to you & check is there everything is clear, or anything you need to change.

Make all corrections are clear & send it to your audience. Track every single emails that you sent to your audience.

Such as CTR – Click Through Rate, Bounce Rate, Open Rate, CTA clicks.

Because, Everything you track that will grow.

7.Branding Matters

Use a minimal & professional logo of your brand, If you are a creator you can use your images in every single campaigns.

Also, Don’t forget to add your brand color with minimal professional design.

If you do it consistently your brand will get some eyeballs. So you will end up with building an amazing relationship with your audience.

What next! You will get more brand awareness and trust from your audience this will increase your sales indirectly.

Wrap Up

That’s it guys! I’m following these email marketing best practices for years now. This strategies & practices really helped me to grow my businesses online.

You can also do the same to increase your conversion rate & brand credibly for your business & email campaigns.

Was this helpful? Let me know in the comment section & If you have any questions about email marketing you can post a question on my forum.

I’ll be the most happiest 🙂 person to answer it for you.