Since we do marketing for our startups, We utilized the most important marketing channel to get more ROI with lowest investment possible. You may wondering what was that. You may already know the answer too, Yeah It’s email marketing. But many marketers will make email marketing mistakes including myself.

Email is one of the highest ROI marketing channel we have now a days ( Every single dollar you invest in your email marketing it will give 42 to 50$ return on your investment to grow your business online ).

But as a beginner I made lot of mistakes while growing my startups with email marketing, In this small & crispy article I gonna share my worst email marketing mistakes & also with solutions so that you can do better marketing for your growth without any mistakes.

Mistake #1: Writing Unnecessary Lines

Email marketing is like a content marketing strategy, As soon as you give straight values to your readers you’ll get attention & more focus to your words.

If you talk about non-valuable or unnecessary things user will not consider your email, They may skip it.

Because they may busy with own work, So write important and valuable content so they can hooked with your flow of your email.

Whether, You write cold emails or newsletter start with hook like this blog post title. “12 Worst Email Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

If you start with hook they will wish to read entire email so you can lead them to perfect call to action. While talking about CTA – Call to Action, The second mistake is mentioning or describing more than one call to action.

Mistake #2: More Than 1 Call to Action

Call to action button or link

If you send an email, You are definitely want to sell something or you need to get those readers to somewhere else using strong call to action.

But Make sure you have only one call to action so, that you can guide your readers easily to get clicked on your call to action button or link.

It will increase your conversion rate as well as it will give clear idea to your email readers about what you are trying to say.

Mistake #3: Messing Up With Templates & Colors

Now! Coming to the template, Always email template should be have low colors and minimalistic design. Because when your template looks like professional email you’ll be cherished as a professional.

Use tool like to create free email templates, Use low size images ( It’lll help your emails loads faster ). If you use email marketing software like ConvertKit you can create a templates within that software also.

While talking about email templates it should be mobile friendly template, The next mistake we gonna talk about is the most people do, they don’t optimize it for mobile version.

Mistake #4: Non-Responsive Email Templates

Responsive Email Templates

Comparing to desktop users, mobile users are high, So we don’t want to loose the opportunity to gain more trust and high conversion rate with mobile users.

Solution is simply optimize your email template for mobile users, While you creating an email template also optimize it for mobile version so, that you can save more time.

Mistake #5: Crappy Subject Line

You will click any video or blog post based on thumbnail or featured image right? But in emails we can’t do it, Subject line will be our most important thing that we should focus more on improving it.

Write a subject line with hooked words and more importantly don’t ever write a subject line that looks like a spam.

  • Use personalized words
  • Keep it short and engaging
  • Don’t use Buzz words
  • Try to make it as a own story
  • Don’t be so salesy
  • Use subject line tester

Consider these points, When ever you write an email subject line.

Mistake #6: Not Segmenting Audience

segmenting audience

Not segmenting your subscribers, Well what is segmenting ? Segmentation is a process you do for your email list splitting. Dividing your email list into multiple multiple segments based on,

  • Their activity
  • Interest
  • Location
  • Age
  • Previous purchase history

Research says, When people get irrelevant emails they take actions like.

  • Unsubscribing
  • Marking as a spam
  • Deleting or Blocking emails

So, Be sure to segment your email list, Software like ConvertKit and GetResponse offers this kind of segmentation options.

Mistake #7: Not Automating Email Sequences

Email automation

Email automation is one of the best feature we have with most email marketing software now a days. Tools like ConvertKit and GetResponse has the email automation feature that allows you to create unlimited email sequences.

For Example! On my eBook page I have free eBook listed, whenever user download the eBook by giving their email address one automated welcome email will be sent to their inbox. Based on their action I can send automated emails to get more engagement.

You can automate your email marketing with advanced level options. Using ConvertKit You can easily create an email sequence with no time.

Mistake #8: Overcrowding your email

Most marketers and online entrepreneurs do this mistake. Don’t send too many emails with more offers and deals. It may end up with spam folder or users may unsubscribe from your list.

To avoid this problem just make sure you are sending valuable emails. How to check it is valuable or not? Once you wrote the email just read it fully then take an action if you considered this is valuable email.

Mistake #9: Avoiding GDRP Considerations

GDRP – General Data Protection Regulation is created protect people against data theft and more security reasons. Especially for European Citizens.

Follow GDRP instructions and rules to keep your marketing campaigns in under law. It will give you the benefits of trust and more credibility.

According to GDRP rules businesses must show proof for customers opted by themselves. This is only applicable for citizens who live in Europe.

Wrap Up

Email marketing is one of the highest ROI Marketing Strategy as we saw already, But making those listed mistakes can downgrade our conversion rate and even these mistakes can spoil entire marketing campaigns.

Fortunately, this mistakes can be easily rectifiable. In this blog post we covered most common mistakes about email marketing. You can increase your marketing campaign trust as well as you can increase the conversion rate by rectifying these mistakes.

If you have any questions about email marketing you can post it on my forum, I’m more than happy to answer it for you.

Comment below what mistakes you’ve made & how you rectified , I’m happy to learn from you as well.